Agents of SHIELD Season 3, Episodes 21 & 22

The Agents of SHIELD season finale has arrived.  The team made their last stand against Hive, and as expected, they lost an agent in the process.  Here are the rankings for the twenty-first and twenty-second episodes of season three.

Be sure to look at last week’s rankings here.

As always, look out for spoilers!

11. Glenn Talbot

Last Episode Rank: Not Ranked

Talbot only appeared in the first part of the finale.  When we first see him, he is still at the base following his visit last week.  When the team discovers Hive’s missile silo, he helps them lie to obtain the kill code.  He later stays at the base while the team heads to the silo.  When he discovers that Inhumans agents were involved in the mission, he tells Coulson that it was stupid to include them.  But, he is still pleased with the success of the plan.  After this, he leaves the base.  This was a very small role for Talbot, but it was decent.  He made some solid appearances this season, and there is no doubt that he will return to help (or annoy) Coulson and the team next year.

10. Holden Radcliffe

Last Episode Rank: Not Ranked

After appearing for the past few weeks, Dr. Radcliffe finally makes it into the rankings.  He initially prepares the missile with the help of the “primitives.”  When the team arrives, he helps May, and convinces her to rescue him as well.  While at SHIELD HQ, he provides key information concerning Hive’s plan and the primitives.  He is soon tasked with helping Fitz to develop a cure for them.  When things are thrown into chaos by “Absolution,” he stays with Coulson and some of the others, and helps them avoid the primitives by pointing out their poor vision.  Ultimately, he survives the entire situation, and in the very last scene (which is set six months later), we find that he has been cleared of all charges.  Based on a conversation, he also appears to have befriended FitzSimmons.  Interestingly, he is last seen talking to his A.I., Aida, and reveals that today will be her “birthday.” We then see a glass, and behind it is the outline of a women.  All in all, Radcliffe was a bit of a weasel, but he was delightful.  Some might have thought that this would be the end for him, but based on the last scene, he is going to have quite a part to play in the future.

9. Jemma Simmons

Last Episode Rank: 9 (Out of 10)

Honestly, it did take a little while for Simmons to do something extremely significant, but she did get some moments.  Apart from helping to organize the mission to the silo, she also reveals to Fitz that she is planning a trip for the two of them when the battle against Hive is over.  Later, when “Absolution” is deployed, she has two clutch moments.  The first is when she helps Fitz escape the hangar by overriding the lockdown mechanism.  The second is when she turns up heat in the building after figuring out that extreme heat affects the primitives’ vision.  She and Fitz later tend to Lincoln after he is injured by James.  In the end, she also mourns the fallen member of the team.  We can also assume that she and Fitz take that trip.  Although she didn’t have much to do, it was nice to see Simmons get some time to shine.

8. Elena “YoYo” Rodriguez

Last Episode Rank: 8 (Out 0f 10)

Elena made a return for the finale.  She played a key role in the mission to the silo.  When the team discovers that hostages are being held there, she helps to rescue them.  She soon returns with the team to the base.  After the cloud is released for “Absolution,” she pairs with Mack.  When the primitives find the armory, one of them shoots at Mack, but she takes the bullets for him.  She soon starts bleeding out fast. With this, Mack uses a blowtorch to cauterize the wounds and stop the bleeding.  Ultimately, she survives, and Mack jokingly asks her never to take a bullet for him again.  Elena may not have done too much, but she does get a lot of credit for taking those bullets.  It’s also nice to see that she survived as she will still be around to contribute going forward (i.e. Secret Warriors).

7. Leo Fitz

Last Episode Rank: 10 (out of 10)

Fitz was put into a few tight situations.  He first helps to get the kill code for the missile by using a motion-capture to impersonate Talbot’s boss.  Sometime later, when the bio toxin cloud is released, he is trapped in a hanger with primitives.  He manages to fend them off for as long as he can before Simmons rescues him by overriding the door.  He also saves two other agents from being infected.  After Hive and his followers steal the Zephyr, he and May stow away.  When they come out of hiding to save Daisy, Fitz has a confrontation with Giyera.  He manages to outsmart him, and kills him with an invisible weapon.  After Lincoln is injured, he and Simmons tend to him.  Eventually, he watches with the rest of the crew as an agent dies.  This was a solid outing for Fitz, and once again he proved that he can handle himself under pressure.  With everything over, he can now kick back , and enjoy that trip with Jemma.

6. Melinda May

Last Episode Rank: 4 (Out of 10)

May had a few contributions.  She is first seen serving as a co-leader with Mack on the mission to disarm the missile.  While there, she took out some primitives, and she also freed Dr. Radcliffe.  When she returns to the base, she mostly stays in the background.  While the others try to fight off the primitives at HQ, she and Fitz stow away on the Zephyr to rescue Daisy.  When the two finally come out of hiding, she is knocked out by Giyera.  Eventually, the two make it off the ship.  She is last seen with the team watching a team member die.  This wasn’t a bad showing for May, but it certainly could have been better.  Nevertheless, she did get to take part in some interesting situations.

5. Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie

Last Episode Rank: 7 (Out of 10)

Mack had a meaningful role to play.  He was very instrumental during the mission to the silo.  During this time, he served as a leader, and helped lure Hive to the “brain frying” machine.  When he returned to HQ, he had a touching moment with Daisy in which he comforted her about everything she had done.  When the base is attacked by primitives, he pairs up with YoYo.  As mentioned, he is shot at by one, but she takes the bullets for him.  He later saves her using a blowtorch.  The two of them have some very nice moments throughout.  One of these is when he attempts to give the crucifix back to her.  In the aftermath, which is set six months later, he is assisting Coulson in searching for Daisy.  They find her, but she escapes before they can confront her.  Mack had a decent part in the finale.  Some assumed that he might be the one to die, but it’s great to see that he’ll live to fight another day.

4. Grant Ward (Hive)

Last Episode Rank: 6 (Out of 10)

After terrorizing the team for the last few months, Hive made his last moves against them.  While putting the final part of his plan into action, he is lured into a memory machine by Lincoln.  The machine causes him to experience pain and the memories of his former hosts.  When he finally approaches the agents outside, he is surprisingly trapped in a gel matrix chamber.  He is later freed by the primitives that were created by the bio toxin cloud.  Following this, he engages in a fight with Daisy, and he ultimately knocks her out. He then uses Ward’s memories to pilot the Zephyr so that he can fly 100,000 feet up to release the warhead.  He will then use the containment unit to drop to safety.  When a quinjet docks with the Zephr, he finds that Coulson has come alone.  During their confrontation, he reveals his true form to Coulson (and the audience) for the first time.  But, Coulson reveals that he is merely a hologram.  Later, while Daisy prepares to ride with the warhead, Hive arrives.  But, he is soon trapped on the ship when another agent who pushes Daisy off the jet.  Hive then rides with the agent.  The two share a solemn moment before they both meet their demise.  This was a great episode for Hive.  He had some great scenes, and it was truly a bittersweet send off for him.

3. Phil Coulson

Last Episode Rank: 1 (Out of 10)

In the midst of all the chaos, Coulson had to remain in control, and he did this very well.  After organizing the successful silo mission, he helped to manage the team during the lockdown crisis at the base.  After sorting out everything and directing the team to finish off the primitives, he calls for a quinjet.  Following this, he seemingly meets with Hive.  During their conversation, he is taunted by Hive who says that he is going to take over his body.  He also sees his true form.  But, things turn when Coulson is shown to be broadcasting a hologram of himself to Hive.  Unfortunately, he later witnesses the death of one of his agents.  Six months later, he and Mack are tracking someone who is eventually revealed to be Daisy.  They are unsuccessful in capturing her.  Interestingly, he mentions that they should call the director to let him (or her)  know what happened.  So, it appears that he is no longer the man in charge.  Coulson was very enjoyable to watch.  His scene with Hive was particularly good, and of course, you couldn’t help but smile after that Star Wars reference.

2.  Lincoln Campbell

Last Episode Rank: 3 (Out of 10)

As you may or may not know by now, this was Lincoln’s swan song.  He started off helping the team during the opening mission, and powered the memory machine that injured Hive.  After this, Coulson commends him, and tells him that he has a bright future as an agent.  But, he then states that he is considering leaving SHIELD after this ordeal is over.  When “Absolution” takes effect, he fights with the others to stay alive.  Near the end of the finale, he takes on James, and is injured.  But most notably, when Daisy prepares to ride with Hive and the warhead, he zaps her from the quinjet, and takes her place.  While riding it into space, he shares a heartfelt conversation with her before the radio dies out.  He then shares a brief but somewhat touching conversation with Hive in which they find a shared peace in their fate.  Within moments, the ship explodes.  Lincoln has been very up and down this year, but this was definitely his finest moment.  For a character who could be weak at times, this was a nice way for him to go out.

1. Daisy “Quake” Johnson

Last Episode Rank: 2 (Out of 10)

Every character had to go through something in this finale, but Daisy definitely had to go through the most.  After being under Hive’s control, she is experiencing major feelings of withdrawal.  She is also filled with guilt over everything she has done.  Coulson tries to comfort her but to no avail.  Later, Mack breaks protocol, and tells her that Hive has been captured.  He tries to tell her that he forgives her, but she pushes him away before finally crying in his arms.  After Hive is freed during the attack, she takes her containment unit to the hangar.  When she meets him, she begs him to take her back, but Hive cannot due so because Lash made her impervious.  When he dismisses her, she blasts him which results in an epic fight between the two.  Unfortunately, Daisy cannot hurt him.  He soon knocks her out and takes her on the Zephyr.  She is soon freed by May and Fitz who she tries to convince to keep her imprisoned because she is a liability.  After Lincoln is injured in James’ attack, she reconciles with him.  She finally concludes that she must be the one to sacrifice herself, but Lincoln takes her place.  They speak one more time via radio before the quinjet explodes.  In the epilogue, she has seemingly left SHIELD, but is still doing good work.  She is also looking after Charles’ (the vision inducing Inhuman) daughter.  She is almost caught by Coulson and Mack, but she flees the area.  With everything that happened to her, she deserves the #1 spot, and it will be intriguing to see what happens to her next.

Overall, this was a very satisfying season finale that absolutely left some lasting effects.  The episode also ended with some unanswered questions which will undoubtedly be answered this fall.


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