Agents of SHIELD Season 3, Episode 20

The events of “Captain America: Civil War” rocked the MCU this past weekend, and the team felt the effects in this week’s Agents of SHIELD.  We also got to see a major turning point in their war with Hive.  Here are the rankings following the twentieth episode of season three.

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Watch for spoilers!

10. Leo Fitz

Last Episode Rank: 7 (Out of 8)

Once again, Fitz was in the background.  We first find out that he is currently in a “hacking war” with Daisy who has been trying to get into key systems.  During the course of the show, he helped to explain things like Hive’s abilities.  He also discovered that the footage of Lincoln’s room was a loop, and tried to help the team stop him from escaping.  Notably, he was  also able to deduce they way in which Hive plans to transform most of the human race into Inhumans.  All in all, things were very slow for Fitz.

9. Jemma Simmons

Last Episode Rank: 6 (Out of 8)

Simmons role also involved giving exposition.  She helped to explain Hive’s abilities, and later assisted the team try to stop Lincoln when he seemingly tried to escape the base.  Finally, she revealed Daisy’s condition to Coulson and Talbot.  Like her boyfriend, Fitz, she did not have much to do.  But, with everything else that was going on, there were not many ways in which they could have been of more help.

8. Elena “YoYo” Rodriguez

Last Episode Rank: Not Ranked

After furiously leaving SHIELD after the “traitor” situation, Elena returned and was surprisingly on better terms with the team.  Coulson brings her in to demonstrate her powers to Talbot.  Apart from her “demonstration,” she played a relatively small part in the main story.  She did manage to get a couple of personal scenes with Mack which were sweet.  By the end, she leaves him with a gift and presumably returns home.  Although her presence was small, it was good to see her again. It’s unclear if we’ll see her in next week’s finale, but it would be a plus if she showed up to assist the team.

7. Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie

Last Episode Rank: 1 (Out of 8)

Mack is still healing physically and mentally after his encounter with Daisy.  Since their confrontation, his spirit has been somewhat broken.  However, he begins to feel better when Elena returns.  As mentioned, the two share some very tender moments.  Soon, Mack assists the team in trying to stop Lincoln from escaping, and he even takes him on.  But, he is quickly taken down.  In his last scene, he says goodbye to Elena, and before she gives him her crucifix.  This is the same one that Daisy saw in her vision where a member of the team is killed.  This was a subtle but solid episode for Mack.  Anything could happen in the finale, and I think I speak for most people when I say that I hope he is not killed off.

6. Grant Ward (Hive)

Last Episode Rank: 3 (Out of 8)

Believe it or not, this was actually one of Hive’s less menacing appearances which is saying a lot because he was still pretty creepy.  He is still bent on turning humans into Inhumans, and is now using Daisy’s blood to re-create the process.  Because he needs test subjects, he arranges for the Watch Dogs to be captured.  He eventually oversees their transformation.  Although they are imperfect or “overcooked”, he still views them as part of him.  He is later met with a surprise when he faces off with Lash who injures him.  Hive may not have done anything noteworthy, but it must be said that he appears to feel very strongly about Inhumans and his lineage as one.  His plan is almost complete, and one can only guess how it will come to fruition next week.

5. Glenn Talbot

Last Episode Rank: Not Ranked

Talbot came back in a larger role.  He comes to talk to check out SHIELD headquarters and convince Coulson to register the Inhuman agents under the Sokovia Accords.  Although Talbot and the team want to trust each other, things get a little shaky between both sides.  This especially happens when he reveals that he knows that Daisy is with Hive after Coulson claimed that she was on assignment.  He gets even more upset after Lincoln “escapes” from containment.  After this situation, he doubts Daisy’s condition when she returns to the base.  Naturally, Talbot can come off as a little annoying, but he is a decent character.  Not only did he provide humor, but his interactions with Coulson were  highlights.  With him still at the base in the end, we could assume that he will be back for the finale.

4. Melinda May

Last Episode Rank: 4 (Out of 8)

May continues to serve as the voice of reason in the war against Hive.  When she is first seen, she is lecturing Lincoln about his actions and tells him that he is being irrational.  She also tells FitzSimmons that it is time forget about Daisy, and that they should focus on the main mission of killing Hive.  While Talbot is visiting, she also takes him to see Lash (or “Rasta-Hulk”).  After this, she is not seen for a little while, but she later reappears when Lincoln tries to escape the base.  It is soon revealed that both she and Lincoln set up the entire thing up in order to send Lash to kill Hive.  Things unexpectedly ended in tragedy for her as Lash is ultimately killed by James.  This was a nice outing for May.  She showed great initiative in setting up the plan, and is still staying focused on the task at hand.  With Lash (and Andrew) gone for good, this will no doubt serve as more personal motivation for her to end Hive’s reign.

3. Lincoln Campbell

Last Episode Rank: 8 (Out of 8)

Lincoln is still in containment, and he’s still not happy about it.  He is also desperate to get to Daisy.  During a brief talk with May, she tries to convince him that Daisy’s capture is causing him to act illogically.  Not long after this, he talks with Coulson and Talbot, and says that he will register under the Accords if he can leave the room.  But, Coulson does not like the idea, and both he and Talbot leave.  Throughout the episode, Lincoln communicates with Daisy who has hacked into the main system.  After telling her that he wants to be with her, she arranges for him to escape to their hideout (so that Hive can turn him when he arrives), and he apparently does.  However, he and May turn the tables on her as they send Lash instead.  This was pretty unexpected.  I honestly thought that he was going to allow himself to be tricked.  Things can typically be up and down for Lincoln, but he gets some major points for resisting temptation and sticking to the primary mission.  It will be intriguing to see how things pick up with his relationship with Daisy now that she has returned.

2. Daisy “Quake” Johnson

Last Episode Rank: 2 (Out of 8)

Things have finally turned around for Daisy.  After the incident with the Kree, she is now providing her blood for Hive’s experiments.  While being drained, she is trying to hack into SHIELD’s main systems.  Through this, she also reaches out to Lincoln to convince him to join her.  After he tells her that he wants to leave, she helps him escape his room, and she guides him around the base.  Although she promises to meet him when he arrives, she actually plans for Hive to be there so he can infect him.  As previously mentioned, the plan fails as Lincoln never really planned to leave, and Lash is sent in his place.  When he arrives, he takes out Hive, and she tries to fight him.  Because she is weak from being drained, she quickly passes out.  With this, Lash somehow removes the parasites from her system which cures her.  After Lash is killed by James, she takes off and returns to the base.  Daisy has been through a lot in these past few weeks, and it is good to see her finally in her right mind again.  With everything that has happened, she will undoubtedly feel intense guilt.  But she’ll have to get over it quickly because the team is definitely going to need her for the battle that lies ahead.

1. Phil Coulson

Last Episode Rank: 5 (Out of 8)

After staying in the middle of the pack, Director Coulson returns to the #1 spot.  At the start, he is dwelling on Steve Rogers recent actions and the death of Peggy Carter.  When Talbot shows up, he takes him to the base, and shows him around.  He also introduces him to Elena and Lash.  They soon stop to meet with Lincoln.  When he offers to register under the Sokovia Accords in exchange for his freedom, Coulson shuts down the idea.  During Talbot’s visit, the two clash about keeping secrets such as Daisy’s true status.  They also disagree about the Accords.  These were some of the most entertaining scenes.  He later deceives Talbot again when pretended not to know about May and Lincoln’s plan.  In the end, when Daisy returns, he is the first to welcome her home.  Once again, Coulson proves that he is a stern and strategic leader.  We also saw a more human side to him as he was genuinely saddened by the death of one of his heroes, Agent Carter, and by the actions of his other hero, Captain America.  Things are about to get even harder for the director, and this time next week, he could be mourning someone else.

As a whole, this was a good penultimate episode.  With Daisy’s return, things are looking up.  But, with the season finale next week, we are left with one solemn question: who will die?


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