Agents of SHIELD Season 3, Episode 19

This week’s Agents of SHIELD was all about Inhumans.  There was also some alien action and some nice character moments.  Here are the rankings following the nineteenth episode of season three.

Take a look at last week’s rankings here.

Look out for spoilers!

8. Lincoln Campbell

Last Episode Rank: 7 (Out of 7)

After the stunt that he pulled, Lincoln is at the bottom spot again this week.  Now that he has been banned from missions, he has not surprisingly become restless, and eagerly wants to help save Daisy.  He believes that he can do so when FitzSimmons develop a possible cure for Hive’s infection.  He volunteers to be their test subject, but is shut down when they decide that it is too risky at the moment.  But, he soon takes matters into his own hands, and takes the cure.  As a result, his powers go awry and he faints.  Not only does he weaken his body but he also fries all of the base’s servers.  To test the effectiveness of the cure, Simmons takes a brain tissue sample from him.  Later, she reveals to him that the cure was not successful, and due to his physical condition, it is not vital that he stay isolated from the team.  Lincoln just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole, and this might have been the most reckless thing he’s done all season.  Although his situation is unfortunate, it’s hard to feel sympathy for him.

7. Leo Fitz

Last Episode Rank: 1 (Out of 7)

Fitz  returned to a background role following his big moment with Simmons last week.  As mentioned, we discover that the two have produced a possible antidote for Hive’s parasites.  Notably, when Coulson asks them if the cure can be used, he disagrees with Jemma as he thinks that he could be helpful now.  A little later, they discuss their disagreement and how they should not let work matters affect their relationship.  If this is their first lovers quarrel, than it was definitely a short one.  Apart from this Fitz didn’t do much except tend to Lincoln and later Mack after the mission.  With this, this was a relatively basic outing for him.

6. Jemma Simmons

Last Episode Rank: 1 (Out of 7)

Jemma also appeared in a reduced capacity.  As you already know, she helped to synthesize a potential cure for the infected Inhumans.  However, when she and Fitz present it, they are split on whether or not it should be used.  After a talk, they promise not to allow their job obligations to interfere with their romance.  After Lincoln takes the cure, Jemma helps to monitor him, and also takes a brain tissue sample.  In the end, she is the one that tells him of the team’s failure to rescue Daisy and the antidote’s ineffectiveness.  She also asserts her authority by telling him that he will remain in confinement for as long as it is necessary.  Jemma had a few notable moments, but as a whole, her role was honestly underwhelming.

5. Phil Coulson

Last Episode Rank: 4 (Out of 7)

Since he’s still injured, Coulson stayed at the base to direct the mission.  After continuously using SHIELD’s global surveillance system to track down Daisy, he finally locates her in Wyoming which is where Hive’s town is located.  Now that he has her location, he arranges a mission in which the team will kill Hive.  Although he wasn’t in the field, he did provide some keen (and honest) direction before and during the mission.  He even tells the team to run away if Hive really can’t be killed.  This wasn’t a bad showing from Coulson, but you can’t shake the feeling that he could have done more.  But like I said, he is injured.

4. Melinda May

Last Episode Rank: 6 (Out of 7)

Unlike the aforementioned characters, May actually went on the mission.  Before this, she had a talk with Mack in which she tried to convince him that the war against Hive is not solely about saving Daisy.  When they and the rest of the field team arrive in the town, they discover James.  She then proceeds to “sweet talk”  him by playing on his massive ego.  Ultimately, she is successful in finding out Hive’s location, and also learns of his plan to turn humans into Inhumans.  As expected, she knocks James out in a swift and humorous fashion. With this information, she and the team go to confront him at the town chapel.  When they get the opportunity, their gun fire does not affect him and they retreat.  And before they leave the area, she has to shoot someone (non-fatally).   This was a great outing for May.  It was good to see her leading a mission.  One element that is really interesting to see is that she has become the voice of reason during this ordeal.  Mack, Lincoln, and even Coulson have been compromised by Daisy’s situation, and as I said earlier, she knows that this is war is not merely about getting her back.  Hopefully, the team will heed her advice going forward.

3. Grant Ward (Hive)

Last Episode Rank: 5 (Out of 7)

Hive was at his best…or worst this week.  First, we got to see a flashback that depicts how was first captured by the Kree and changed into an Inhuman.  In present day, he has now devised a plan to transform humans into Inhumans (with help from Dr. Radcliffe) and plans to use the surviving heads of HYDRA as test subjects.  Unfortunately, the procedure fails.  Radcliffe soon tells him that he needs actual Kree blood to replicate the experiment that was done on him.  As a result, Hive has no choice but to activate the orb which is actually a homing beacon to signal the Kree reapers that created him.  Eventually, he is forced to fight one of them, and in the end, he is victorious.  Immediately after the fight, May and the team also try to kill him, but he merely begins to regenerate.  By the end of the situation, Hive is left angered over the failure of his plan, but things turn around when Daisy reveals something to him.  This was a great episode for Hive.  We now know more about his origins, and as a result, we understand why he is so bitter and power hungry.  The scenes where he questions Daisy’s loyalties  were also good.  With her revelation, it seems that Hive will be one step closer to getting what he wants.

2. Daisy “Quake” Johnson

Last Episode Rank: 2 (Out of 7)

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Daisy than you’re in for some bad news.  After learning of Hive’s origins, she helps him oversee the Inhuman tests.  Later, the two of them talk about how they are similar because they were both “made.”  However, he asks if she can defeat “what made her.”  She states that she wants to put the team through Inhuman process so that they will “understand.”  But if they don’t, she vows to rip their hearts out which pleases Hive.  When the Kree arrive, she is tasked with taking out one so that they can retrieve its blood.  She does this in a violent (but cool) way.  Dr. Radcliffe then proceeds to drain the blood.  As I mentioned earlier, it was Daisy who slipped up and allowed herself to be located by the team.  While she is with Radcliffe, Mack arrives and the two have a serious confrontation.  He tries to make her see reason while she does what she believes is the same thing.  Unfortunately, Mack cannot get through to her, and he throws a splinter bomb on the Kree to halt the blood draining.  As a result, Daisy beats him brutally, and he refuses to fight her.  Before she can finish him, May shoots her in the arm, and the team retreats.  While she is being patched up and scolded by Hive, she reveals that she has Kree blood which she received after she was shot by Ian Quinn.  With this, she offers herself to be drained.  Daisy just keeps going down… and it’s definitely making for some compelling storytelling.

1. Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie

Last Episode Rank: 3 (Out of 7)

Things started off slowly for Mack, but for what he ended up doing, he deserves the top spot.  With everything that has happened with Daisy, he is upset that he could not see that she had been turned.  So, when Coulson finds her and devises a plan to kill Hive, he sees it as an opportunity to save her.  Although Coulson tries to convince him that she is turned, he expresses his belief that some part of her wants to be saved.  He uses her being tracked by the surveillance as evidence.  He and May lead the mission to Wyoming.  During this time, he finds Daisy’s location and confronts her.  She tells him her plan to turn the team into Inhumans.  He insists that she is being brainwashed, and that the feelings and thoughts that she has are not real.  The talk gets very personal and Daisy even brings Mack’s brother into it.  After a while, it is clear to him that he will not get through to her, but he realizes that he can still save the team.  With this, he throws a bomb on the Kree to stop the blood transfer.  An angered Daisy then proceeds to violently beat him while he chooses not to fight her.  As she is about to deliver the final blow, May shoots her in the arm, and the team retreats.  Back at the base, he seems to understand that she has completely changed.  Although it was a crazy thing to do, Mack showed that he’s got a lot of guts and is willing to put anything on the line for his friends.  With everything that went down, one can only wonder how he’ll approach rescuing Daisy now.

Overall, there was a solid balance of action and character in this episode.  Things are clearly about to come to a head, and it will be interesting to see how things continue to unfold especially following the events of “Captain America: Civil War.”


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