Agents of SHIELD Season 3, Episode 18

In this week’s Agents of SHIELD, the team dealt with the aftermath of last week’s shocking revelation.  In the midst of this, two  characters were put in a dangerous situation which ended with them taking a big step.  Here are the rankings following the eighteenth episode of season three.

Check out last week’s rankings here if you haven’t already.

As usual, watch for spoilers!

7. Lincoln Campbell

Last Episode Rank: 3 (Out of 11)

After the ordeal with Daisy, Lincoln is fully set on rescuing her from Hive.  Initially, May bans him from going on missions, but Coulson quickly informs him that he will be able to go.  However, he has to wear a nanite suicide vest(controlled by May)  in case Hive takes control of him.  The three of them later go to meet Alicia (the multiplying Inhuman) to keep her from Hive.  Unfortunately, we find that she has already been infected.  This leads to a fight in which May joins in.  Lincoln gets aggressive and threatens to kill one of her doubles, but the double allows Alicia to kill her anyway.  Back at the base, he apologizes for his behavior, but Coulson tells him that he will no longer go on missions since Daisy would want him kept safe.  After this, he is not seen for the remainder of the hour.  This was a decent episode for Lincoln, but it was way too short.  With his current orders to stay out of the field, it will interesting to see how long it will be before he disobeys the order.

6. Melinda May

Last Episode Rank: 10 (Out of 11)

May had a few things to do this time around.  As mentioned, she bans Lincoln from going on Inhuman rescue missions, but this changes when Coulson states that he can go if he wears a suicide vest.  But to her surprise, Coulson puts her in charge of detonating the vest.  This leads to a heated discussion between the two about her having to do his dirty work.  She soon jumps into the field when Lincoln’s meeting with Alicia goes bad, and she is almost killed by one of her doubles.  Fortunately, Coulson saves her at the last minute.  After the two patch things up from their talk, they head to James’ house to investigate the grounds.  When they find that the house is rigged to explode, they hide in the crater where the other part of the orb was buried.  In her final scene, the two of them witness the fall of HYDRA as  Talbot and his men take down their bases around the world.  It was nice to see an episode focusing on May’s relationship with Coulson.  Their discussion and their watching HYDRA fall were two of the most notable scenes of the show.  And of course, she provided some great action during her fight with Alicia.  All in all, this was a solid appearance for her.

5. Grant Ward (Hive)

Last Episode Rank: 11 (Out of 11)

Hive had a solid presence throughout, but it was a lot more reserved compared to some of his previous outings.  He is first seen talking to the newly infected Daisy.  He comforts her about her past loneliness, and assures her that she now has a family.  Sometime later, the two head to South Dakota to confront James about the missing piece to the Kree orb.  After Daisy uses a Terrigen crystal to activate his powers, Hive infects him, and he tells them that he buried the part under his home.  When they find it, it turns out that it is not just the another piece of the orb, but Hive reveals that it is the only thing that can destroy him.  He later has an intimate conversation with Simmons when he and the others infiltrate Dr. Radcliffe’s compound.  He uses his knowledge of Will’s memories to try to convince her to stay away from the Inhuman situation, but she resists and shoots him.  In his final scene, he brings his team and the captured Dr. Radcliffe to a town that he has purchased.  Hive is a killer and a manipulator, but it was refreshing to see a more personal side to him.  And as his army continues to grow,  only time will tell who he recruits next.

4. Phil Coulson

Last Episode Rank: 2 (Out of 11)

Lately, Coulson has been making some bad decisions as director, and this week was no different.  He allows Lincoln to go on missions, but requires him to wear a nanite vest.  But, he puts May in charge of it which puts them at odds for a little while.  He later saves her by killing Alicia’s body double when she was about to execute May.  After this mission, he tells Lincoln that he will no longer be allowed to go on missions.  Coulson and May had some nice scenes.  Their discussions about May’s duties and Coulson’s relationship with Daisy were solid character moments.  One of the most memorable situations occurred when they went to check out James’ house.  After searching it for a while, they find that it is lined with explosives.  With this, the two jump into a hole to avoid the blast.  When the smoke clears, we find that Coulson actually used a holographic “SHIELD” shield that Fitz designed for him to protect them from the blast.  Also, throughout this installment, Talbot kept trying to contact him.  In the end, we find out that Talbot has used Malick’s intel to track down all of HYDRA’s hideouts.  With this, Coulson and May watch as the organization crumbles on what should be a proud day.  Coulson may not have gotten to much action, but he had plenty of nice scenes.  Putting May in charge of the trigger and confining Lincoln to the base represent two more controversial choices that he has made.  With things heating up, one wonders if these dire circumstances will cause him to make even more poor choices.

3. Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie

Last Episode Rank: 8 (Out of 11)

Mack had a surprisingly big role to play.  After everything that has happened, he is devastated about losing his field partner, Daisy.  He is soon assigned to accompany FitzSimmons on their mission to infiltrate Dr. Radcliffe’s club.  While they were in the field, he stayed at the hideout to keep them informed of their surroundings.  For most of the time, he serves in this capacity.  Throughout the mission, he also has some humorous moments like when he makes the assertion that scientists always dress a certain way, and FitzSimmons fire back at him (in fun).  Eventually, the mission goes bad, and he is forced to go into the field.  But, he ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for when he has to face off with James (or Hellfire).  Ultimately, Mack comes out of the situation unscathed.  Back at the base, he meets with Jemma, and they have a talk about her relationship with Fitz.  Overall, Mack was very enjoyable to watch.  He played a significant part in a mission, and managed to add some humor to the situation.

2. Daisy “Quake” Johnson

Last Episode Rank: 1 (Out of 11)

After she was revealed to be infected by Hive last week, Daisy only continued her descent into darkness.  In her first scene, she meets with Hive at a location from her past.  As the two talk, she discusses her past with him, and finds immense comfort with him.  The two then make their way to South Dakota to confront James about the missing piece of the orb.  When he refuses, she uses a Terrigen crystal to activate his powers which causes him to divulge the location of the piece.  Later, she joins the others at Dr. Radcliffe’s secret club, and they ultimately kidnap him.  During this time, she has an intense scene where she subdues Fitz with her powers and threatens to kill him if he does not stop trying to save him.  She soon lets him go, and her and the others escape with Radcliffe to the town that Hive has purchased.  We are seeing an entirely different side to Daisy.  Not only is she more dangerous, but she also has an unhealthy dependency on Hive which is leading her to be blindly loyal to him.  We can definitely assume that this intense devotion is going to cause her to do more damage before the season is done.

1. Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz

Last Episode Rank: 6 and 7 (Out of 11)

For the second time in the show’s ranking history, two characters share the #1 spot!  To say that this was a big episode for FitzSimmons would be an understatement.  Since Daisy’s betrayal, they have found a possible lead to help them develop a cure for Hive’s parasites.  This lead is Dr. Radcliffe, a scientist who performs illegal biological enhancements.  With this, they go on a mission to infiltrate one of his clubs (which is full of enhanced people) to ask for his help.  Mack accompanies them to act as an extra pair of eyes in the field.  To get Radcliffe’s attention, the two prepare what appears to be enhanced eye technology.  Throughout the mission, they also discuss the idea of finally “getting physical” in their new relationship.  Eventually, they are summoned, but to their surprise, Radcliffe’s assistant tells them that they must surgically insert the eyes into a man who is wide awake.  They agree but Simmons shockingly puts a needle right into the man’s pupil which reveals it to be a fake.  The man also turns out to be Radcliffe.  They briefly try to persuade him to help until Hive and his army arrive.  With this, Fitz is threatened by Daisy to stay away from her while Hive issues a similar threat to Jemma.  Hive even uses Will’s memories to get to her, but she rejects and shoots him.  Both are able to escape the area, and soon meet up at the rendezvous point.  After expressing their concerns for each other’s safety, they passionately consummate their relationship.  This was a near perfect outing for Fitz and Simmons.  They were put in a risky situation where they had to rely on each other which is when they are at there best.  There was also some great development for them especially with Jemma finally letting go of Will.  And of course, they’ve now taken a big step in their romance.  We’ve waited for this for a while, and it was definitely worth the wait.  No one knows what the future holds for the two of them, but at the moment we can absolutely say that they are not cursed.

As a whole, this was a great episode with some sharp action and sentimental character moments.  And, it seems that things will get shaken up a bit next week as the team will have to deal with some extraterrestrial visitors.


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