The Mindy Project Season 4, Episode 15


Click here first if you need a refresher from last week.

Mindy’s back in the dating world, though things got a little weird when the guy brought her to his brother’s wedding on the third date. Meanwhile, Colette wanted to move in with Morgan, but Jody had a hard time letting her go. Noticeably absent? Danny, though maybe that’s going to be the new norm now that Mindy has all but cut off their relationship. Here are the rankings for this week’s episode:

7. The Writers

Though they aren’t characters, they felt worth acknowledging. This episode felt like a filler episode— disappointing so early on in the show’s return— and there didn’t really seem to be any clear winner. The highest ranked character is mostly there by default since no one character really stepped up to be memorable this week. (Though any episode featuring Morgan’s dogs can’t be an entirely bad episode.)

6. Jody Kimball-Kinney (last episode: 2 out of 9)

Oh no. Nope. No. That foreshadowing at the end where it looked like Jody might have feelings for Mindy? Nope. No thanks. (There was also that whole thing about him being weird about his grown sister moving out of his apartment, but this situation takes precedent.)







5. Bryant Green

There was something off with Bryan(t) from the start. Sure, he was kind and sweet and didn’t freak out when Mindy said she had a kid, but he also took her to his brothers wedding for their third date and made a big deal out of making her feel like a member of the family when they hadn’t known each other nearly long enough. He’s still not over his ex, which doesn’t make him a horrible person, but it’s definitely for the best that Mindy broke up with him.

4. Mindy Lahiri (last episode: 1 out of 9)

Good for Mindy for feeling comfortable enough to get back out in the dating world, but maybe she should hold off for a little bit. It’s been a long time since she’s been single and it would probably be better to be single for a little while longer. Case in point: she’s so used to romantic interactions that she accidentally/maybe-but-hopefully-not-on-purpose flirted with Jody. Major points deducted for that.

3. Morgan Tookers (last episode: 3 out of 9)

Mindy leaving Morgan in charge of Leo was probably not the smartest choice, considering he should probably have a babysitter himself. He did manage to find a really nice apartment, though (which is no small feat in New York City, especially on his salary). He panicked at his housewarming party when the dogs all escaped from their room and came out to join the guests, but if we’re being honest, that sounds like a way better party.

2. Tamra Webb (last episode: 6 out of 9)

Tamra made a great accomplice to Mindy this week, and did an especially great job at playing her alter ego, Isabella Von Amsterdam, multicultural nude underwear designer extraordinaire.

1. Colette Kimball-Kinney

Kudos to Colette for taking a step toward becoming more independent, though maybe in the future she can do a better job of hiring bands that aren’t in the eighth grade and can play songs other than the “Pink Panther” theme song.

Did we get the rankings right? Let us know in the poll and comments below!


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