Agents of SHIELD Season 3, Episode 17

We finally saw the rise…and fall of the Secret Warriors in this week’s Agents of SHIELD.  Not only that, but a traitor was revealed to be in the team’s midst which led to a major development.  Here are the rankings following the seventeenth episode of season three.

Take a look at last week’s rankings here.

Of course, beware of spoilers!

11. Grant Ward (Hive)

Last Episode Rank: 3 (Out of 9)

Hive appeared on-screen sparingly.  When he is first seen, he tells Giyera that they now have someone inside of SHIELD.  He is later shown in a flashback in which he infects the “inside man.” At the end, he is speaking with Giyera again in which he proclaims that HYDRA has evolved and has now entered a new era. Although he was physically absent for most of the time, his influence was absolutely felt throughout, and because of this influence, he now has a powerful new ally under his control.

10. Melinda May

Last Episode Rank: 6 (Out of 9)

May didn’t do too much this time around.  This was mostly due to the fact that she was recovering from the injuries she sustained from the HYDRA attack.  But as you might expect, she didn’t stay bedridden for long.  After the base was put on lockdown, she got up and began looking for answers.  Later, she was shown to be just as surprised as everyone else when they discovered who the traitor was.  As a whole, this was an underwhelming outing for May, but as I mentioned, she was hurt.  She also deserves credit for flying the team out of HYDRA’s clutches while being severely wounded.

9. Gideon Malick

Last Episode Rank: 1 (Out of 9)

The Malick era is officially over.  Before the team could escape the HYDRA’s headquarters, they took him into custody.  He was later interrogated by Coulson.  During their conversation, he explains the extent of Hive’s abilities, and tries to warn Coulson that one of his Inhuman agents had been infected by his mind controlling parasites.  The two also had a serious discussion about faith.  He eventually proved to be correct about someone being infected, and that person would ultimately be the one to kill him.  Malick’s overall arc started off very slowly, but picked up in a nice way.  With him, we got a good antagonist with clear motivations and convictions (which were also his downfall).  In a flashback to the moment of his murder, we see that he welcomed death and the chance to be with his recently deceased daughter.  In total, he was not a perfect villain, but because of the aforementioned strengths, he should be a relatively memorable character.

8. Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie

Last Episode Rank: 7 (Out of 9)

Mack’s role was mostly solid.  During HYDRA’s attack, he helped to fend off their soldiers.  When the team arrives back at the base, he shows Elena around, and explains what exactly SHIELD does.  In Elena’s first appearance, their scenes were very nice, and this time was no different.  They served as some of the more lighthearted moments of the hour.  Sometime later, he helps Coulson and team monitor the Secret Warriors to find out who the traitor is.  During this time, he  finds something in one Inhuman’s locker which seemingly divulges the mole’s identity.  When the ordeal is over, the team’s ties with the Inhumans are strained.  Mack and Elena’s relationship was also damaged.  Mack’s part was definitely not large, but was generally significant.

7. Leo Fitz

Last Episode Rank: 8 (Out of 9)

Fitz may not have had the spotlight this week, but it was the biggest role that he has had in a while.  While the team was trying to fend off the attack, he and Simmons tended to May’s injuries.  He also cleverly used a few chemicals to help the team fight off enemies.  Back at headquarters, he and Simmons examine Lucio’s (the paralyzing Inhuman) corpse.  As a result, they find that Hive’s parasites can affect the brain.  Soon after, they are the first to find that Malick has been killed.  After the traitor is supposedly apprehended, the two share a great moment in which they finally kiss…again.  Although he could stand to have a larger part in a story, it was still nice to see Fitz do more.

6. Jemma Simmons

Last Episode Rank: 9 (Out of 9)

Like Fitz, Jemma was also given more to do.  As I previously mentioned, she helped to tend to May during the attack.  Most notably, she was the one to discover the affect of Hive’s parasites on Inhuman brains by examining Lucio’s body.  She and Fitz also found Malick’s corpse and were briefly taken down by an explosive.  After everything seemingly cools down, they share a very tender moment which led them to kiss.  Fitz was initially hesitant, and did not want to push things too quickly.  But, she assured him that after ten years, they shouldn’t do anymore waiting.  It is because of this and the fact that she easily cut open the Inhuman’s head (while Fitz was a little squeamish) that gets one spot over Fitz.   However, their moments together were great, and with that last scene, fans now have renewed hope of a possible relationship between them.

5. Elena “YoYo” Rodriguez

Last Episode Rank: Not Ranked

After being away for a while, Elena returned to the team when Daisy decided to activate the Secret Warriors Initiative.  At the time of her pick up, she was in Bogota.  Once she is reunited with the others, they make their way to the HYDRA base. When they arrive, they effectively fight their way through.  Every member of the team got their time to shine in combat, but YoYo’s was particularly cool to see (at least what we could see of it).  Once everyone returned to HQ, she and Mack reconnect as he shows her around.  Surprisingly, she has been improving her English while he has been working on his Spanish.  Their scenes added some nice character moments to this installment.  Like her teammates, she is surprised when the base is locked down.  When she finds out the reason for this, she becomes very defensive.  She also participates in the debate with the others.  In time, the traitor is discovered, but Elena is still tested to make sure that she has not been infected by any parasites.  After the ordeal, she seems to be done with SHIELD.  Even her relationship with Mack suffers as she no longer wants him to address her as “YoYo” (a nickname they developed for her).  All in all, it was good to see Elena again, and she’s still as enjoyable to watch as she was when she first appeared.  Her one liners also added a bit of comic relief.  With the current state of the team, only time will tell when she might show up again.

4. Joey Gutierrez

Last Episode Rank: Not Ranked

Like Elena, Joey also came back.  At the time, he was in Miami, and humorously had to leave a date to join the team. As mentioned, he accompanies them to the base to rescue the others.  He really held his own in combat, and also managed to kill Lucia by stabbing him.  After this, they save the team.  Although he and the others are on a bit of a high after their performance, things quickly shift after it is revealed that one of them has been infected.  When all four of them find out about this, they become defensive towards the SHIELD agents.   Not long after this, they also have an argument amongst themselves about who it could be.  Joey in particular does not believe that he is the traitor, and when addressing the others during the argument, he says that “one of you is infected” a few times. After the spy is apparently caught, he must still be quarantined to check for possible parasites.  By this point, he also doesn’t want anything to do with SHIELD.  Joey has definitely grown as a character.  He is now experienced in using his powers, and is more confident in his abilities.  With the apparent demise of the Secret Warriors, it will be intriguing to see if or when he pops up again.

3. Lincoln Campbell

Last Episode Rank: 2 (Out of 9)

Lincoln went through quite a bit.  As you already know, he helped Daisy reassemble the team, and they later saved the others from the HYDRA base.  Back at headquarters, it is clear that he is drawn to the Kree orb that he and Daisy retrieved last week.  He is also surprised when the base is locked down.  When he finds out that he or one of the others could be infected, he tries to assert his innocence.  Not long after this, Daisy surprises him and the others by leading them into the containment room where Coulson is waiting for them.  He reveals that they now know who is infected: Lincoln!  Apparently, Mack found the Kree orb in his locker which means that he was not infected during this recent mission but earlier than that.  He tries to convince him that he did not do it, but they do not believe him.  With this, he is put in confinement.  But in a twist, one of his teammates comes to get him, but he discovers that this person is the true traitor.  After a short conversation, the person leaves, and he is left alone.  I actually think that this was one of Lincoln’s better outings.  We got to see some good character moments from him, and some decent action.  The revelation of the true spy will have a large impact on him, and could possibly lead to more development for him.

2. Phil Coulson

Last Episode Rank: 5 (Out of 9)

Coulson was all over this episode.  At the onset, he is with the rest of the team, and is trying to fend off HYDRA soldiers.  Back at home base, he proceeds to interrogate Malick.  This leads to a conversation in which Malick explains how Hive’s powers can affect the mind.  Knowing that he has no longer has a reason to lie, Coulson has Mack lock down the base, and he has FitzSimmons check out Lucio’s corpse.  Later, he confronts Malick again, but this talk is more personal.  Coulson tries to use his grief in order to convince him to get revenge on Hive.  He even uses his killing Ward to avenge Rosalind as an example.  After Malick’s death, he tells the four Inhumans what has happened, and they escape to talk amongst themselves.  After Daisy later tricks all four into a containment room, he tells them that they have evidence that Lincoln is the one who was infected.  But, this proves to be incorrect, and in his last scene, he seen merely banging on the hangar door as the traitor damages their aircrafts.  Coulson’s outing truly showed the complexity of his personality.  For instance, one part is a stern leader while another is a man who is not above getting revenge out of sheer rage.  He’s come a long way from being the  pristine agent we met in “Iron Man,” and I hope we continue to see additional layers to him.

1. Daisy “Quake” Johnson

Last Episode Rank: 4 (Out of 9)

Daisy lands the top spot, and as you probably already know, she is the traitor.  When she is first seen, she assembles the Secret Warriors, and leads them on a rescue mission.  Unbeknownst to anyone else, she was affected by Hive during the event.  Later, she becomes wary when headquarters is locked down.  When she finds out why, she and the others have a discussion about it.  During the debate, she appears to be the most levelheaded.  She later tricks all of them by leading them into a containment room where Coulson states that Lincoln is infected.  He is soon put away.  After this, she has a brief conversation with Coulson in which she addresses the team’s failure.  But despite everything, she does believe that they’ll do better next time.  She eventually goes to see Lincoln with the intent of getting him out, but in the process, he discovers her role as the true mole.  He tries to talk some sense into her, but at this point she is a full-fledged Hive believer.  She then prepares to leave the base, but before she does, she uses her powers to damage the hangar.  This was a major twist, and now the team is without its most powerful agent.  Even though she was the traitor, she still gets a lot of credit for concealing her identity in the midst of the chaos.  She also had some nice scenes.  With Daisy now following Hive, one can only assume what she’ll be forced to do under his command.

Overall, this episode had some twists that definitely kept viewers guessing, and it was capped off with a big surprise.  After losing a major ally to their enemy, one can only imagine how things could get any worse for the team.


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