Supernatural Season 11, Episode 18

SPOILERS AHEAD. Otherwise check out episode 17 here!

Sam and Dean get closer to saving Castiel by joining forces with Crowley. They’re closer than ever to Lucifer, but even by combining their resources they’re unable to get him out of Cas’s vessel. Meanwhile, Amara is back to full strength and looking to capture God’s attention.

7. Castiel

Last episode’s rank: unranked

For the brief moments Cas was seen alongside Lucifer it was obvious he was not fighting to regain his vessel. Instead he looked defeated and indifferent, which is not like himself at all.  Even Crowley was confused by his shift in behavior.

6. Dean

Last episode’s rank: 2

Dean is clearly dead set on getting Castiel back. While he is worried about Amara, his most pressing issue is to see his friend again.  It doesn’t appear he’s going to stop trying to get Cas back anytime soon, but seeing Cas for the first time since Lucifer took his vessel seemed to make him realize Cas did choose this life.

5. Sam

Last episode’s rank: 1

Sam seemed to be a little more levelheaded than his brother, saying maybe they should just accept that Castiel chose to be Lucifer’s vessel. He suggests that maybe they should focus their attention on the bigger picture at hand. However, he’s still behind Dean and willing to help the fight.

4. Amara

Last episode’s rank: unranked

With help from Rowena, Amara is now completely healed. She decides to test out her powers by sending the dust storm to Lucifer in heaven, proving she’s still a force to be reckoned with. She’s so strong that not even the Hand of God combined with the archangel’s power affects her. Instead, she turns the tables on Lucifer to use him against God.

3. Rowena

Last episode’s rank: unranked

Through the use of her magic, Rowena revived herself after Lucifer killed her. Now she has found Amara and is using that magic to heal her. It appears she’s on Amara’s side, but she later helps Sam and Dean capture Lucifer.

2. Lucifer

Last episode’s rank: unranked

Lucifer made his will clear to the other angels, and it seems he has some control over them. He comes face to face with the brothers for the first time in a little while and plays with them to get the Hand of God. In the end, its power along with Lucifer’s still isn’t enough to kill Amara, and she ends up getting back at him with her own force.


Last episode’s rank: unranked

Crowley proved he is capable of doing good, as long as it’s on his terms. He found the Hand of God and brought it to the Winchesters to use against Lucifer, and when that didn’t work he went inside Lucifer’s head himself.


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