Once Upon a Time: Season 5, Episode 2


Once Upon a Time’s second episode didn’t disappoint. Two simultaneous timelines – one in the past in Camelot and one in Storybrooke six weeks later – delve further into the curse that brought them back to the Maine town and took their memories (again). However, much happier circumstances brings a ball to the court of Camelot, but happiness can only last so long. Here are the top 10 characters for “The Price.”

10. King Arthur – We don’t know much about show creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz’s version of the legend, but there are a few things certain. He’s still benevolent. He still loves Guinevere and is best buds with Lancelot. And he is shady as all get out. The chances that this ruler have ulterior motives to piecing Excalibur back together? Very high.

9. Mary Margaret/Snow White – A sweet moment of mother/daughter bonding is what lands Snow on the rankings, even if it’s low. That nurturing tendency of hers is reoccurring throughout the series, even more so since the birth of her son, but is quite evident in this episode. Mary Margaret acts motherly toward Emma and Regina during different moments, but the sentiment is heartwarming for the two characters who’ve had the least mothering in their existence.

mother.daughter1 mother.daughter28. Leroy/Grumpy – Despite losing one of his brothers to botany, Leroy maintains his position from last week for two main reasons. During Camelot’s welcome ball, he shows his not-often-seen soft side, asking Belle to dance and simply talking with her when she’s off alone. The second factor is, always the voice of reason, Leroy speaks the audience’s mind.

Grumpy’s quote of the week: “How the hell are we gonna feed a tree tacos?”

7. Henry Mills – Son of the Savior doesn’t do much plotwise this episode, but he shows up on the list because HENRY’S GOT HIS FIRST CRUSH. And, thanks to good ol’ Grandpa Charming, manages not to mess it up from the get-go. Although boy’s got to get a better taste in music if he wants to keep Camelonian (Cameloter? Camelot resident?) Violet’s interest.

6. The Costume and Makeup Department – While technically not a character, they completely deserve their position. Not only did this episode feature more of Camelot, thus requiring medieval garb more than usual, but it involved a royal ball and all of the trimmings that go with it. I’ll talking ballgowns and swords and all of it was gorgeous.

Seriously, I can’t get over the dresses.

snow.emma dresses

5. Killian Jones/Captain Hook – This man is so intent on getting back his woman that he nearly doesn’t attend the fancy ball. I’m pretty sure, in the end, he’s glad he ended up going.


Hook is always an interesting character, well-acted and well-written. In one of the most emotional scenes this episode (and the season thus far), Killian tries to break the Dark One’s curse and save Emma with true love’s kiss, only to fail. Also, his burgeoning bromances with everyone else in Storybrooke are bound to be the stuff of legends.

4. Belle French – Appearing for the first time this season in the ranks, Belle is a bit of a surprise. Last episode she was kind of glanced over, receiving the famous rose from the original Beauty and the Beast, but she played a much more relevant role this week. The bromance between Mrs. Gold and Captain Hook, though it started out rocky, is rapidly strengthening. Nothing bonds two people more than the common thread of loving the Dark One.

those who drink together3. David Nolan/Prince Charming – Also making his triumphant return to the ranks this week, David Nolan truly deserves his spot in the top three. He manages to successfully play wingman for his grandson, teach Regina how to dance for a royal ball, and saves Robin from certain death by impaling his attacker with a sword. Because, you know, he’s real good at that.

2. Emma Swan – This week revealed much more about the Dark One’s life after the curse. She’s got her own house and a sexual prowess that makes even her boyfriend uncomfortable. When confronted by Regina, Emma drops a truth bomb by telling her that not everything bad that’s happened this far is her fault. Storybrooke’s Savior falls one spot this week only because Regina rises above her. Which leads to this week’s number one…

1. Regina Mills/Evil Queen – Regina rises to the top spot this week thanks to Lana Parrilla and her excellent acting chops. Robin’s life hangs in the balance twice – by sword wound in the past and by a rogue Fury in the present – and Parrilla’s contrasting expressions of happiness and sadness make audience members just as frightened for her true love as she is.

The sass is just as strong, but uncertainties and a little too much power remind viewers Regina is in fact the Evil Queen. Last week, Emma entrusted the Dark One’s dagger in Regina’s care, a poor decision shown by the Queen’s misuse at least twice in the episode. This week, she tells King Arthur she’s the Savior, thus making her responsible for saving Merlin from the magic tree he’s trapped in. No one ever said that all the evil’s left her being and these actions certainly show it.

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